ESTRO 2021 Abstract Book


ESTRO 2021

Results In addition to years of research experience, seven other variables were identified as potentially impacting on the work or personal sphere in a positive and/or negative manner. In total ten main impacts were identified in the personal (2) and work sphere (8), which were either affected directly by the variables or indirectly through other impacts. It was for example found that job title could negatively impact the type of work the researcher had to perform during the pandemic, which in turn negatively impacted his/her mental health. All variables, impacts and how they relate are illustrated in Figure 2. Proposed solutions were mostly technical, illustrating that the most pressing issue was to ensure the possibility to perform one’s work. Proposed solutions for social isolation (e.g. virtual social events) were often countered by the presence of “zoom fatigue”.

Conclusion Different variables, their impacts and a complex interplay between them have been identified to determine how early-career RO professionals experienced working during the COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond technical solutions to enable remote working, the distinct personal situations must be considered when proposing solutions to support mental health in these situations. OC-0056 Cost of the external beam radiotherapy in Catalonia (Spain): an application of the ESTRO-HERO model J. Corral 1 , M. Algara 2 , C. Muñoz-Montplet 3 , A. Eraso 4 , J. Giralt 5 , J.A. Espinàs 6 , J. Solà 6 , N. Defourny 7 , Y. Lievens 8 , J.M. Borras 9

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