ESTRO 2024 - Abstract Book


Clinical - Gynaecology

ESTRO 2024

EBRT Fractionation Schedule

45 Gy in 20 fr / 1 fr per day / 5 fr per week / over 4 weeks

Concurrent Chemotherapy


Cisplatin Carboplatin

79 (84) 15 (16)

Brachytherapy Schedule


7 Gy x 3 fr 9Gy x 2 fr

55 (58.5) 39 (41.5)

Median OTT (weeks)

7 weeks (Range: 6 to 12)

Median follow-up (months)

65.5 months (range: 7-113)

5-year OS 5-year DFS

67.02% 77.65%


In conclusion, this study underscores the efficacy and safety of moderately hypo-fractionated radiotherapy with concurrent chemotherapy for locally advanced cervical carcinoma. We observed a 5-year OS of 67.02% and a DFS of 77.65%. Importantly, severe treatment-related toxicities were infrequent and manageable. These findings support the viability of this treatment regimen as a promising option for these patients to reduce OTT and enhance the radiobiological effectiveness of the treatment. Further prospective research and larger studies will be valuable for solidifying these results and optimizing treatment strategies.

Keywords: Cervix, hypofractionation, Radiotherapy


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