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4. Nickerson HJ, Matthay KK, Seeger RC, Brodeur GM, Shimada H, Perez C, Atkinson JB, Selch M, Gerbing RB, Stram DO, Lukens J. Favorable biology and outcome of stage IV-S neuroblastoma with supportive care or minimal therapy: a Children's Cancer Group study. J Clin Oncol Off J Am Soc Clin Oncol 2000 Feb;18(3):477–486. PMID:10653863 5. AlZhrani WA, Elimam NA, Almehdar AS, Bassem SM, Abdullatif DE, Ahmed KD, Baothman AA. Metastatic 4S neuroblastoma with excellent outcome in Saudi cancer center. Saudi Med J 2021 Dec;42(12):1353–1356. PMID:34853141 6. Anand S, Agarwala S, Jain V, Dhua A, Bakhshi S, Jana M, Kandasamy D, Biswas A. Management and Outcomes of Children with Stage 4S (MS) Neuroblastoma: A Single-Center Experience from a Resource-Challenged Nation. Indian J Pediatr 2022 Sep 16; PMID:36112265


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Toxicities and outcomes of helical tomotherapy craniospinal irradiation in primary brain tumours

Julie Savagner 1 , Anne Ducassou 2 , Bastien Cabarrou 3 , Gregory Hangard 2 , Marion Gambart 4 , Anne Isabelle Bertozzi 4 , Eloise Baudou 1 , Sergio Boetto 5 , Delphine Larrieu 6 , Laprie Anne 2 1 Toulouse University Hospital, Pediatric Neurology, Toulouse, France. 2 Toulouse Cancer Institute IUCT, Radiation Oncology, Toulouse, France. 3 Toulouse Cancer Institute IUCT, Biostatistics, Toulouse, France. 4 Toulouse University Hospital, Pediatric Oncology, Toulouse, France. 5 Toulouse University Hospital, Neurosurgery, Toulouse, France. 6 Toulouse Cancer Institute IUCT, Neuro-oncology, Toulouse, France


As craniospinal irradiation is delivered more frequently with helical tomotherapy with few data on late effects 1,2,3 , we analysed all patients treated in our centre on an 11 years span.


All patients receiving craniospinal irradiation (CSI) with helical tomotherapy, between September 2009 and January 2020, in the Department of Radiation Oncology of our centre, were included. Acute toxicities of radiotherapy were reported. Patients were assessed for medium- and long-term outcomes.


Among the 79 analysed patients, 70.9% were under 18 years old at diagnosis, the median age was 13 years old (range: 1-52) at time of radiation therapy. The treated tumours were mainly medulloblastomas (67.1%). Half of them (49.4%) had a metastatic disease at diagnosis. The median dose of CSI was 36 Gy (range: 18-36). Seventy seven patients received a radiation boost to the initial disease (97.5%); in addition, 32 patients received a boost on their metastatic sites (40.5%). The median follow-up was 55.5 months (95%CI = [41.2; 71.8]). The 3-year event free survival rate was 66.3% (95%CI= [54.2; 75.9]). Most patients presented acute haematological toxicities during CSI (85.9%), with a majority of severe thrombocytopenia (39.7%). Among the 64 patients assessable for medium-

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