ESTRO 2024 - Abstract Book


Physics - Quality assurance and auditing

ESTRO 2024


The developed software processes and analyzes the measurements provided by TEMS, displaying the results in the graphical interface shown in image 2. In this interface, the signal can be observed after the usual system warm-up is removed, along with lines marking the test tolerances. The marked points correspond to accelerator fluctuations that result in dose decreases. The test is considered unsuccessful when more than one cluster of three points falls outside the tolerance, equivalent to a 300ms underdosing. Considering that the minimum control point time for a TomoHelical treatment is 230ms, we consider this tolerance justified. Since it is an analysis software and the same data, the peak-to-peak variation repeatability is 0. The reproducibility value is 0.7% (standard deviation with κ=1), which is combined reproducibility from the treatment machine and acquisition process.

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