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ESTRO 2024


Patients in the HYPORT Adjuvant trial met the prespecified dosimetric constraints, barring a few cases where IMN coverage was felt to be compromised with more cardiac sparing. Ultra Hypofractionated radiotherapy is unlikely to result in higher cardiac mortality compared to the standard arm. However the overall lifetime risk of death due to IHD is higher than reported from the European registry data which reinforces the importance of reducing cardiac doses in this population.

Keywords: Breast cancer, Ultrahypofractionation,Cardiac Dose


[1] Chatterjee S, Chakraborty S, HYPORT Adjuvant Author Group. Hypofractionated radiation therapy comparing a standard radiotherapy schedule (over 3 weeks) with a novel 1-week schedule in adjuvant breast cancer: an open label randomized controlled study (HYPORT-Adjuvant)-study protocol for a multicentre, randomized phase III trial. Trials 2020;21:819.

[2] Chakraborty S, Chatterjee S, Hyport Adjuvant Author Group. HYPORT adjuvant acute toxicity and patient dosimetry quality assurance results - Interim analysis. Radiother Oncol 2022;174:59 – 68.

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