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ESTRO 2024

The primary endpoints of the study were respected: the demonstration of the dosimetric sparing of OARs using 3D CRT FIF and CPAP as opposed to treatment in free breathing (FB) and, moreover, the reduction of diaphragmatic excursion throughout the respiratory cycle as a result of increased, stable lung volumes by means of CPAP.

The aim of this prospective study is to recruit at least 50 patients to confirm these promising data.

Keywords: left-sided breast cancer, CPAP, cardiac toxicity


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Poster Discussion

Preoperative single-fraction RT for earlystage BC: preliminary results from CRYSTAL phase I/II study

Maria Alessia Zerella 1 , Mattia Zaffaroni 1 , Giovanni Carlo Mazzola 1 , Giuseppe Ronci 1 , Samantha Dicuonzo 1 , Damaris Patricia Rojas 1 , Anna Morra 1 , Marianna Alessandra Gerardi 1 , Cristiana Fodor 1 , Elena Rondi 2 , Sabrina Vigorito 2 , Silvia Penco 3 , Manuela Sargenti 4 , Elisa Vicini 4 , Viviana Enrica Galimberti 4 , Sara Gandini 5 , Giulia Cursano 6 , Elisa De Camilli 6 ,

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