ESTRO Annual Report 2018

2. Staff (updated in february 2019)

Registration & administration Sigrid Jacobs, ESTRO Programs & Office Supervisor Lilian Niwerungero, ESTRO Programs & Office Administrator Rebecca Hansmann, ESTRO Programs & Office Administrator Claire Thomas, ESTRO Programs & Office Administrator Education & Science Christine Verfaillie, Managing Director Education & Science Education Viviane Van Egten, Education Manager Elena Giusti, Project Manager Alessandra Nappa, Project Manager Miika Palmu, Project Manager Alexander MacDonald, Project Manager Säde Sfakiotakis, Project Manager Science Eralda Azizaj, Scientific Programme Manager Laura La Porta, Project Manager Education & Science Pamela Preschern, Scientific Programme Administrator Events & Industry relations Agostino Barrasso, Congress Manager Valérie Cremades, Corporate Relations Manager Carolina Goradesky, Events Project Manager

Development Manager Benjamin Corroy, IT Support Officer Consultants Mieke Akkers, Education Project Manager Daneel Bogaerts, Graphic Designer Sophie Nellis, Graphic Designer

Hande Yilmaz, Exhibition Administrator

Innovation Sven Bossu, Managing Director Innovation Melissa Vanderijst, Marketing & Education Project Manager Stakeholders Chiara Gasparotto, Director of Policy & Partnership Myriam Lybeer, Membership Manager Gabriella Axelsson Public, Affairs Project Manager Noémie Defourny, Health Economist Specialist ESTRO Cancer Foundation - ECF Arta Leci ECF Project Manager Communication & Society Affairs Evelyn Chimfwembe, Manager Society Affairs & Research Projects Michela Mizzi, Communication Coordinator Finance Arnaud Ponsart, Finance Manager Gurkan Ulusoy, Accounting Coordinator Human Resources Nathalie Cnops, Senior HR Manager Dina Ardiana, Finance & HR Coordinator

IT Mickael Bohland, IT



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