ESTRO Annual Report 2018

6th GEC*-ESTRO workshop The strength of brachytherapy 29 - 30November 2018 | Brussels - Belgium

The aim of the workshop was to support the brachytherapy community in their ongoing work to identify common issues in their field and to exchange experiences. The workshop covered the following topics: • BRAPHYQS: TPS-commissioning and Pre-treatment QA • UroGEC: Post TURP and Salvage • ANORECTAL & SKIN: Optimal brachytherapy for skin and anorectal cancers • BREAST: How to perform best multicatheter implant • GYNAE: Brachytherapy in endometrium cancer and upcoming GEC ESTRO recommendations in cervix cancer Each working group had the opportunity to present their ongoing projects. The workshop also enabled GEC-ESTRO members and other attendees interested in brachytherapy to network.

Age breakdown of participants (%)

<30: 22% 31-40: 50% 41-50: 54% ≥50: 43% 44-49: 14.5%

189 participants

Unspecified: 20%


92% of the participants reported that the meeting had expanded their network and that it was very relevant to their work / research and clinical practice.


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