ESTRO Annual Report 2018


The mission of ESTRO, a non- profit, scientific organisation, shall be to foster, inall its aspects, radiotherapy (also known as radiation oncology), clinical oncology and related subjects, including physics as applied to radiotherapy, radiation technology and radiobiology. To fulfill its mission ESTRO will: • Develop and promote standards of education in radiotherapy and clinical oncology • Promote standards of practice in radiotherapy, clinical oncology and related subjects • Stimulate the exchange of scientific knowledge in all related fields • Strengthen the clinical specialty of radiotherapy and clinical oncology in relation to other specialties and professions involved in cancer management • Encourage co-operation with international, regional and national societies and bodies representing radiotherapy, clinical oncology and related subjects • Facilitate research and development in radiotherapy, clinical oncology and related subjects.

understanding of radiation oncology to policy communities at the European level, ensuring that high-quality information and evidence is made available to influence long-term political strategies. In 2018, the ESTRO Cancer Foundation (ECF) media campaigns on the Marie Curie Legacy, which are designed to raise awareness of the benefits of radiotherapy in curing cancer, were successfully delivered in five European countries – Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany and Portugal. This involved close collaboration with national societies and capitalising on notable cancer- related activities. We end by acknowledging the vital support that the Society receives frommembers who volunteer and commit to developing ESTRO activities to the standard for which they are well known. One cannot overlook the constant support we receive from the ESTROoffice, our industry partners and other organisations that we collaborate with, both in Europe and around the world. We also thank the many ESTRO members who supported the Society by attending ESTRO activities during the year. Without your participation ESTRO would not be able to carry out the work that is needed to ensure the growth and development of the profession of which we are so proud, ultimately to deliver optimal care to cancer patients in Europe and beyond.

Best wishes

Umberto Ricardi ESTRO President



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