ESTRO Annual Report 2018

Clinical &Translational RadiationOncology Clinical &Translational Radiation Oncology (ctRO) is co-edited by Pierre Blanchard (Villejuif, France) and Daniel Zips (Tübingen, Germany). The editors-in-chief welcome research on all aspects of clinical and translational radiation oncology, particularly new developments in experimental radiobiology, clinical interventions and treatments. This includes imaging and biomarker studies with a clinical endpoint, as well as research results from data sciences, epidemiology and oncopolicy. ctRO is an Open Access journal. Upon acceptance of a paper, authors are asked to meet the cost of publication through an article publication fee. All members of ESTRO are eligible for a discounted fee and the fees vary depending on whether the manuscript is a full-length original research article, a short-format case report, technical note or short communication. All correspondence commenting on previously published work is published free of charge

Submissions in 2018:

Case Reports: 3

Review Articles: 10 Original Research: 74 Short communication: 7

94 submissions

Accepted papers by region

Authors from all over the world published their work in ctRO in 2018. The United States contributed the largest number of papers in 2018 (10 papers), followed by the Germany (9), France (7), The Netherlands (6), and Italy (5).

Asia: 5

North and Central America: 13 Europe: 36

Oceania: 2

South America: 1


Science Dissemination

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