ESTRO Annual Report 2018


ESTRO continues to actively contribute to the development of all ECCO Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care documents, including in particular in 2018:

• Lung Cancer (ESTRO co-chair) • Ovarian Cancer • Integration of primary care and secondary care in the cancer care continuum

Amongst other elements, the documents outline the core roles of the various disciplines involved in care and treatment to cancer patients, for each tumour type. The Essential Requirements are thereafter promoted at European and national levels as the route maps for better cancer care at the system level. More information here: Value Based Health Care working group (VBHC) The working group on value-based healthcare established in 2017 under the ECCO umbrella has been advancing its research in the field of value frameworks for non-systemic treatments. Led by ESTRO past President Professor Yolande Lievens, the group published an article in the Lancet Oncology: “Towards an evidence-informed value scale for surgical and radiation oncology: a multi-stakeholder perspective” in which the case for improving health systemunderstanding of the value of non-systemic oncology treatment is made with reference to scales for this purpose developed for systemic treatment. More information here: ECCO-Value-Based-Healthcare-project .

The research led a session at the ECCO 2018 European Cancer Summit


• ESTRO joined as partner the ABC Alliance, a multi-stakeholder platform established by ESO (European School of Oncology) uniting experts and societies to collaborate on common projects and raising awareness relating to advanced breast cancer (ABC). • ESTRO experts are contributing to iPAAC, the Innovative Partnership for Action Against Cancer (iPAAC) Joint Action. iPAAC builds upon deliverables of the CANCON Joint Action to implement innovative approaches to cancer control. ESTRO experts are involved in the work package “Challenges in Cancer Care”, where attention is devoted to reimbursement.


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