ESTRO Annual Report 2019

1. Profile of ESTRO Members

In 2019, ESTRO continued to attract new members and engage with existing members by giving them the resources and tools they need to successfully navigate a career in radiation oncology and its related fields. From support for professional development to even greater access to scientific information, the membership programme is focused on giving members more of what they need and want.

Breakdown of ESTRO members by specialty

7867 Members

5 Continents

51,54% Radiation oncologist 21,10% Medical physicist

12,46% RTTs - nurses - dosimetrists

1,24% Radiobiologist 6,58% Clinical oncologist

0,67% Industry representatives

6,40% Other medical and non-medical specialties

The ESTRO community extends far beyond these professional radiation oncology disciplines, taking in a wide range of other professions. This includes professionals from: other medical fields, such as surgeons, radiologists, medical oncologists, gynaecologists and urologists; and non-medical fields, such as public affairs specialists.

119 Countries


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