ESTRO Annual Report 2019

2. Open access journals

ESTRO will promote and publish journal(s) and, where appropriate, additional sup- plementary information of the highest scientific quality and through this approach set the existing and future standards for the speciality.

Breakdown of submissions types

Clinical & Translational Radiation Oncology (ctRO) Clinical & Translational Radiation Oncology (ctRO) is co-edited by Pierre Blanchard (Villejuif, France) and Daniel Zips (Tübingen, Germany). The editors-in-chief welcome research on all aspects of clinical and translational radiation oncology, particularly new developments in experimental radiobiology, clinical interventions and treatments. This includes imaging and biomarker studies with a clinical endpoint, as well as research results from data sciences, epidemiology and oncopolicy. ctRO is an Open Access journal. All members of ESTRO are eligible for a discounted fee and the fees vary depending on whether the manuscript is a full-length original research article, a short- format case report, technical note or short communication. All correspondence commenting on previously published work is published free of charge.

145 submitted articles:

65 Original research

10 Case report

13 Review

3 Short communication

51 Rejected 3 Other

Geographic distribution of accepted papers

Most popular articles published in 2019

Most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect, 2019 1. Adaptive radiotherapy: The Elekta Unity MR-linac concept Winkel, Dennis, Gijsbert H. Bol, Petra S. Kroon, Bram van Asselen, Sara S. Hackett, Anita M. Werensteijn-Honingh, Martijn PW Intven et al. 2. An in-silico quality assurance study of contouring target volumes in thoracic tumors within a cooperative group setting Elhalawani, Hesham, Baher Elgohari, Timothy A. Lin, Abdallah SR Mohamed, Thomas J. Fitzgerald, Fran Laurie, Kenneth Ulin et al 3. Technical design and concept of a 0.35 T MR-Linac Sebastian Klüter

88 accepted papers:

57 Europe

6 Asia 25 North & Central America


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