ESTRO Annual Report 2019

Technical innovations & patient support in Radiation Oncology (tipsRO) Technical Innovations & Patient Support in Radiation Oncology (tipsRO)is edited by Sara Faithfull (Guildford, UK) and Michelle Leech (Dublin, Ireland). The journal offers radiation therapists, nurses and allied health professionals a forum for the publication of original research, case reports, practice development and health evaluation articles, reviews, short communications, technical notes and correspondence on topics including treatment planning and workflows, treatment delivery and verification, supportive care, psycho-oncology, education and training. tipsRO is an Open Access journal. All members of ESTRO are eligible for a discounted fee and the fees vary depending on whether the manuscript is a full-length original research article, a short-format case report, technical note or short communication. All correspondence commenting on previously published work is published free of charge. Most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect, 2019 1 . High frequency percussive ventilation for respiratory immobilization in radiotherapy Ina M. Sala, Girish B. Nair, Beverly Maurer, Thomas M. Guerrero 2. Implementation of state-of-the-art (chemo)radiation for advanced cervix cancer in the Netherlands: A quality improvement program Astrid A.C. De Leeuw, Remi A. Nout, Ruud G.H. Van Leeuwen, Anton Mans, Lia G. Verhoef, Ina Maria J├╝rgenliemk-Schulz 3. A pilot study of patient reported outcomes evaluating treatment related symptoms and quality of life for men receiving high dose rate brachytherapy combined with hypo-fractionated radiotherapy or hypo-fractionated radiotherapy alone for the treatment of localised prostate cancer Karen Crowther, Aidan Cole, Pat Shiels, Suneil Jain, Paul Shepherd, Darren Mitchell Most popular articles

Breakdown of submissions types

16 Full length articles 34 submitted articles:

1 Case report

1 Short communication

16 Other

Geographic distribution of accepted papers

22 accepted papers:

17 Europe

2 North & Central America

2 Oceania

1 Asia


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