ESTRO Annual Report 2019



1. FALCON, ESTRO’s contouring platform

ESTRO School

Variability in anatomical contouring is an important contributor to uncertainty in radiation oncology. This is why a few years ago ESTRO developed the contour- ing programme FALCON* based on the EduCase software, aim- ing to improving contouring skills and to compare individual contours with those made by delineation experts and with the ESTRO / international guide- lines. Falcon* is ESTRO’s web- based contouring pro- gramme, devoted to improving contouring skills of radiation oncology professionals.

The FALCON online contouring platform is integrated into the portfolio of educational ESTRO activities such as:

Live courses

Workshops at ESTRO meetings

Online virtual workshops

Support services for clinical trials and development of guidelines

Delineation workshops for other societies (IAEA, national societies or other societies active in the field of oncology)

*Fellowship in Anatomic deLineation and CONtouring


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