ESTRO Annual Report 2019

1. Collaboration with national societies that are related to radiation oncology

National Societies day at ESTRO 38 Each year, the NS Committee organises a dedicated meeting for the national societies to run in conjunction with the annual ESTRO Congress. All organisations listed in the register are invited to participate. The purpose of this meeting is to gather societies fromacross Europe to strengthen cross-border collaboration between societies, the exchange of knowledge to gain insight and the exchange of best practices in different regions. It is also to present ESTRO activities and discuss specific topics. The annual National Societies Meeting at ESTRO38 in Milan hosted 78 participants who represented 25 countries. Societies fromGreece, the UK, Italy, Romania and Poland presented their activities. A panel session also enabled the representatives of national societies from France, the UK, Belgium, Hungary and Spain to share their experiences of the HERO cost-accounting tool.

The National Societies Committee (NSC) acts as a bridge between ESTRO and national societies. The National Societies’ Register covers:

More than 90 national societies

35 countries

RTT Alliance With the objective of strengthening the collaboration with national societies, both European and international, and engaging further the RTT professionals, in 2017 ESTRO created a dedicatedmembership agreement for the RTT community. As of 2019, agreements with 19 RTT national societies were active (see the annex for the full list). Thanks to these agreements, the 19 societies grant ESTROmembership at reduced fees to their individual members, and provide a dedicated platform that aims to support both further career development and RTT representation. Additionally, the benefits of the RTT Alliance go beyond individual membership: it also enables the formation of a united voice of RTTs with common interests to provide more notice for the societies that join the alliance. European young national societies To foster the engagement of young radiation oncology professionals, ESTRO established in 2014 a special membership collaboration with young national societies or by extension, the young members of an RO European national society. Young members of the national societies can collectively become ESTRO members at a reduced rate.

Thanks to this initiative, as of 2019, five agreements are active (see the annexe for the full list)


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