ESTRO Annual Report 2019


meets Asia. This is a truly interdisciplinarymeeting, where radiotherapists, radiation oncologists and physicists have a platform for discussion. As a basis for the congresses, workshops and networking activities, there is ESTRO’s family of journals. Read further in the report about the most popular articles and submission statistics. I am also proud to say that 2019 was a crucial year for a new impulse to ESTRO research, together with the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC); in the frame of E2- RADIatE, a database and infrastructure tool for radiation oncology research, OligoCare is the first cohort hosted on the E2-RADIatE platform. It will collect data on the treatment of oligometastatic disease in lung, breast, prostate and colorectal cancer, 18 sites in 5 countries are participating. Strengthening the Profession Education is close to the heart of the Society’s members. The ESTRO School serves the community every year with 35 teaching courses, pre-meeting courses at the congress and contouring workshops, in and outside Europe. The ESTRO School is responding to the needs for skills and competencies that the ESTRO core curricula highlight. In this regard, I ampleased to say that in 2019 the fourth edition of the ESTRO Core Curriculum in Radiation Oncology was published and accepted by, the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS). This publication is of great value to the radiotherapy community as it continues to enable our trainees to develop adequate competencies. Strengthening Partnerships Collaboration is in the DNA of ESTRO; several agreements and memoranda of understanding foster partnership with a range of oncology societies, which have joined forces to advance multidisciplinary care and for the benefit of patients. Through 2019, ESTRO signed nine newmemoranda of understanding, establishing activities (education, science) and interchange (dual membership) with international radiotherapy andmultidisciplinary oncology societies. Through these links we are putting in action the partnership that the Vision so strongly recommends. Partnership also means mutual understanding, and ESTRO has been increasingly speaking with

The publication of the annual report of the European SocieTy for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) is a welcome moment for the Society; it enables us to look back at the achievements of the previous year, in this case 2019. Looking at what ESTROhas accomplished and how the Society is growing provides uswith guidance for the next goals and ambitions; we hope that you enjoy reading it and that you find it informative and inspirational. Last year, 2019, was important because the ESTRO Vision 2030 – “Radiation oncology. Optimal health for all, together” – was published in Radiotherapy & Oncology. The new vision equips ESTRO with a strategic outlook for the future and defines the focus areas for the Society for the next decade. We encourage you to read the vision document if you haven’t done so yet, and we are sure that it will provide an interesting perspective onwhat every one of us, radiotherapy community members, is doing: contributing to the advancement of radiotherapy. The new vision statement is built around four concepts of core importance to ESTRO and its community: From Research to Practice; Strengthening the Profession; Strengthening the Society; Strengthening Partnerships. In this editorial, we turn the spotlight onto a few of the accomplishments that are driving us closer to accomplishment of Vision 2030: “Radiation oncology. Optimal health for all, together”. From Research to Practice Science is the pillar of our Society and its raison d’être, enabling the radiation oncology community to discuss research and new horizons. In 2019, the ESTRO scientific offer grew, providing a constantly growing offer of platforms for science dissemination and research. ESTRO38 in Milan drew 6633 attendees, making it the most well-attended ESTRO congress to date. The accompanying technical exhibition was also ESTRO’s largest: the congress is the hub for radiotherapy in Europe, enabling networking based on the latest science and technology. Similarly, we gathered with our colleagues over- seas in Singapore for the second edition of ESTRO


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