ESTRO Annual Report 2019



new partners and decision-makers. ESTRO and the ESTRO Cancer Foundation have published the White Paper “Radiotherapy: seizing the opportunity in cancer care”. The publication was presented during a policy forum at the European Parliament, to reach a new audience and highlight the importance of radiotherapy as a core pillar of cancer care. The paper is a very useful tool to raise awareness of the benefits of radiotherapy to external stakeholders, including the decision- makers, and I invite you to read it and share it with your colleagues. Strengthening the Society You, the members, are the heart and backbone of the Society. You are what make ESTRO work and live. In 2019 ESTRO counted nearly 7900 members from across the world. Membership has increased steadily over the years (+35% over the last five years). The ever-growingmembership is a testimony to the value of the activities that ESTRO offers, and also, we hope, to the pride felt by members in being part of the ESTRO family. There are new models for joining the ESTRO membership: now 19% of the membership is represented by institutional members, a fast- growing category. Institutes can subscribe and grant advantageous membership access to their radiotherapy teams. We would like to conclude by paying tribute to the dedication of all themembers who volunteer and commit to developing ESTRO activities, devoting their time and expertise, striving for optimal health for all. This is made possible thanks to the constant support of the ESTRO staff, our industry partners and other organisations that we collaborate with. 2019 was a very positive year. Now, reaching the Vision 2030 is a common effort; we need all members of the radiotherapy community to join forces. Thank you for being the drivers of the advancement of our Society.

The mission of ESTRO, a non-profit, scientific organisation, shall be to foster, in all its aspects, radiotherapy (also known as radiation oncology), clinical oncology and related subjects, including physics as applied to radiotherapy, radiation technology and radiobiology. Develop and promote standards of education in radiotherapy and clinical oncology Promote standards of practice in radiotherapy, clinical oncology and related subjects Stimulate the exchange of scientific knowledge in all related fields Strengthen the clinical specialty of radiotherapy and clinical oncology in relation to other specialties and professions involved in cancer management Encourage co-operation with international, regional and national societies and bodies representing radiotherapy, clinical oncology and related subjects Facilitate research and development in radiotherapy, clinical oncology and related subject To fulfil its mission ESTRO will:




Best wishes,

Umberto Ricardi ESTRO President (2018-2020)


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