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Thirty-four patients with erythrodermic MF and SS underwent TSEBT with a median dose of 12 (range, 8-30) Gy between 2010 and 2023. The overall response rate (ORR), health-related quality of life (Skindex-29), and median time to next treatment (TTNT) have been analyzed.


Thirteen patients with erythrodermic MF and 21 with SS were heavily pre-treated with a median of 4 prior systemic therapies. The median age was 67 (range, 48-88) years. All patients received maintenance therapy after TSEBT. The overall response rate was 65%. The median time to next treatment (TTNT) was 12 months. There was no significant impact of radiation dose on TTNT. A significant reduction in the modified severity-weighted assessment tool (mSWAT) and total Skindex-29 score was observed within four weeks after TSEBT ( Figure 1 ). Low-dose TSEBT (8-12 Gy) was associated with lower skin toxicities. After radiation, the WBC, absolute lymphocytes, Sezary cell counts, and LDH values were significantly reduced compared to baseline (P<0.05).

Figure 1 : Patient with Sezary Syndrome (A) at diagnosis, (B) first day of radiation, (C) three months after TSEBT alone (total dose of 10.5 Gy administered with 1.5 Gy daily fraction over 2 weeks), and (D) 18 months following TSEBT followed by maintenance methotrexate therapy demonstrating ongoing remission and quality of life improvement


Low-dose TSEBT achieves a significant blood tumor burden reduction and quality of life improvement in patients with erythrodermic MF or Sézary syndrome — further analysis regarding the impact of maintenance treatment after TSEBT is warranted.

Keywords: Cutaneous T cell lymphoma, radiotherapy


Poster Discussion

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Simonetta Saldi 1 , Christian Paolo Luca Fulcheri 2 , Claudio Zucchetti 2 , Anna Maria Concetta Di Pilato 2 , Stefano Saccia 1 , Alessandra Carotti 3 , Sara Tricarico 3 , Loredana Ruggeri 3 , Massimo Fabrizio Martelli 3 , Antonio Pierini 4 , Cynthia Aristei 5

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